Friday, October 31, 2008

The Reviews are in!

I spend a lot of time these days crying grateful tears while reading accounts of the tremendously positive reception to Diamond Duo. With great pleasure and a humble heart, allow me to post some of the amazing reviews I've found on the web:

This is the first installment of a new series, Texas Fortunes, by a talented author who works factual happenings into her fiction. Readers will root for the protagonists of this charming tale. - Romantic Times - Four stars
With lyrical prose and a cast of characters that will remain in your heart long after the last page is turned, Marcia Gruver’s debut novel is a must-read. Whether you’re seeking a romance, a wonderful Southern story or an escape to another time, Diamond Duo is a masterpiece waiting to be found. - Kathleen Y’barbo- author of the Fairweather Key series

Diamond Duo is alive with great characters, brought to life under Marcia Gruver’s unique skill. The charm of the little details and the big picture of tension and murder will keep you turning the pages. - Mary Connealy- author of the Lassoed in Texas series

Marcia Gruver’s writing is witty, charming and historically accurate. She pulls you into the lives of the characters and makes you feel as though you’re actually walking and talking with them. Best of all, she captures the true feel of the setting, (a real strength in her stories). I can’t recommend Diamond Duo strongly enough! - Janice Thompson- author of the Bridal Mayhem series

Well-written, delightful characters—Diamond Duo is the most entertaining historical to come around in a long time. - Elizabeth Ludwig- author of Where the Truth Lies and Died in the Wool

Diamond Duo is a beautifully written historical rich in authentic period details with well-developed characters, and a plot that keeps you turning the pages. Marcia Gruver brings us a bit of suspense, a sweet and unpredictable romance, and life lessons along the way. You’re sure to be entertained and come away with questions about your own faith and sense of urgency in bringing the Good News to those in need. What more could you ask for in a Christian fiction novel? - Susan Sleeman- author of the Garden Gate Mystery series

Five Stars. Terrific late Reconstruction era romance - The first Texas Fortunes historical romance is a terrific late Reconstruction era tale that brings to life a port city. The murder of Annie also known as Diamond Bessie Monroe is a real event that anchors the well written story line; as Marcia Gruver easily blends fact and fiction. With a strong cast especially the lead couple who each has self esteem issues, fans of Reconstruction Era romances will want to read the delightful DIAMOND DUO. - Harriet Klausner- Amazon’s #1 reviewer

Five Stars. Great Book! You will enjoy this sweet love story between Bertha Biddie and Thaddeus Bloom. Thaddeus is forced by his father to go away to attend school much to the dismay of Bertha who hopes to win his heart. In her hopes of winning his heart Bertha turns to Annie a new arrival in town who knows how to turn a mans head. Rich in detail and character development, Diamond Duo is a wonderful story that will leave you feeling good. It is an entertaining christian fiction book. - Kim's Reviews,
Five Stars. Best Historical Fiction I have read in a long time - First of all, I enjoyed this story from page one! Seriously, the characters had me from the beginning. I am a reader who does not always expect a book to pull her in from the first word, I am accustomed to being lulled in, but I didn't get a chance to be wooed this story HOOKED ME immediately!!!
I love a good romance, but more than that I love a good story with three dimensional characters and a plot that is believable. This book completely has it all! We meet several characters in this book. I have to say that I enjoyed them all a great deal. It was fun to witness the spectacle of Miss Annie Monroe's arrival through the eyes of young Bertha and her best friend Magda. The stranger inspired awe in many of the town's residents as well as young Bertha.
I fell completely into the lives of Sarah and her husband Henry. Watching Sarah struggle with herself was something I have endured myself. She and her husband were working hard to make a life for themselves. Sometimes it is hard to let go of the old and embrace the new. Watching the couple grow together and be blessed was wonderful. They endured a lot in this short story, and their tale gave me chills more than once.
The story affirmed in my heart the importance of seeing someone through God's eyes, and never giving up the opportunity to show his love. There are a lot of misconceptions in this story that need to be overcome by the characters, but each thread is tied up well by the end with a promise of more adventure to come. I can hardly wait for the next book! Well done, Marcia Gruver!!! - Kelly Slater, review
Five Stars. Terrific Historical Christian Romantic Suspense - Marcia Gruver has penned a thrilling romantic suspense western in Book One of her Texas Fortunes series, "Diamond Duo." Bertha loves Thad and Thad is crazy about Bertha. But neither of them knows it. When Annie arrives in town, Bertha is concerned that Thad's heart will be stolen - along with all of the other men. But when a mystery man follows Annie, and a murder thickens the plot, romance will have to take a back seat to safety. This is a charming, witty, solid romantic suspense story with brilliant writing. I can't wait to read it again so I can actually savor it rather than trying to come up with a review by a deadline. - Stacy, review
Five Stars. Great Historical Novel based on Real Events - I enjoyed this novel very much. I was drawn in to the lives of Bertha and Thad, two young people who loved each other, but had obstacles thrown in their way. I struggled with Sara and Henry as they came to terms with being Christians in a world where people were unfair and sometimes cruel. And I couldn't help but root for Annie even though I knew her life would end tragically. I highly recommend this book. It's a Christian historical with romance, intrigue, suspense, and adventure, and is based on a real event in history. - Tamera Lynn Kraft, Faith Filled Historicals for the Adventurous Heart, review
From South Australia. 4.5 out of 5 for this book. - First of this was a wonderful book. Marcia had me wanting to keep reading and I just loved the sub characters. Bertie Biddle is wonderful in her role and has a real heart for people. There are sub Characters Sarah and Henry King and I found them to be wonderful in fact for me they stole the book to a degree. To start with I wasn't sure what there story was and how it related but it was an integral part of this story. Marcia left me wanting to read more and I cant wait for her next book. If you like historical books with a western feel you will love this book. -


. said...

All well deserved reviews. Diamond Duo is great!!

Janelle said...

Look how many people know a great book when they read one! Diamond Duo is a book all shelves deserve to hold forever. A real keeper. Congrats, Marcia.

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