Monday, December 8, 2008

Pulpwood Parties and a Rastafari Christmas

The first time I met Kathy Patrick, I recognized her as a force of nature. After four days hanging with the Pulpwood Queen in Jefferson, Texas, I’ve dubbed her The Whirlwind.

Kathy offered to host me for a book signing during Jefferson’s annual Candlelight Tour of Homes. She also used her influence to finagle me a signing at Barron’s Bookstore in Longview.

A little honesty here: When the time came to head for Jefferson, I didn’t want to go. I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, and having just settled into a new place, I wanted to put my feet up and write instead of hitting the highway. Well, let me tell you -- I’m SO glad I went.

Kathy dedicated herself to making my stay in Jefferson comfortable, productive, and most importantly, fun. We spent a fab-a-lous four days eating great food, chillin' with the girlfriends, talking to all hours of the night, doing our hair, plotting a new version of A Christmas Carol starring Bob Marley as the Ghost of Christmas Surreal, and (lest I forget why I went in the first place) selling books.
Thanks, Kathy!

Signing in Barron's Bookstore, Longview,
Texas. Special thanks to Vickie Phelps
who hosted me with warmth and grace.

My Bookshelf

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