Saturday, July 7, 2007

Blog For Sale. Cheap.

Okay, I thought it would be easy. I found this little niche and fell in love. My old place—the website—was nice enough, but a bit too big and hard to maintain. This little corner of the Web seemed just about right, so I took the plunge. VeriSigned my name on the cyber line and procured myself a piece of blogger real estate.

Home sweet home, right? Think again.

Oh, the neighborhood’s friendly enough (waving to Crit3 girls). And decorating was fun. I enjoyed dabbing on a little paint, adding a few knickknacks. But when the time came to move in, that’s when the problems began.

You see, I have scores of devotionals, personal experience stories, novel ideas, and creative writing tips packed away in my writer’s storehouse, but no matter which box I unpacked, which arrangement I tried, nothing seemed to fit these new digs. I had visions of turning this drab, empty space into a warm, inviting nook, a place of refreshing, a haven of rest. So far it’s been little more than redundant redux.

So is my site really for sale?

I guess not. I’m actually committed to it—for now. Just suffering a touch of blogger’s remorse. But I reserve the right to put it back on the market at a future time. Unless Ty Pennington comes up with a version of Extreme Makeover: Blogger Edition.

How about it, Ty?


Sandra Robbins said...

Life does seem to get in the way of blogging, doesn't it? But now that you're a Rockin' Girl Blogger, you have to persevere. Write on, Marcia!


Janelle said...

I understand completely, Marcia. I signed on to blog, even had some future entries written and reserved in Word. Then my hard drive bit the dust...along with all my 'stuff'. Made me wonder if I was supposed to blog at all. I guess, like you, I'll persevere, for now. But if my entries disappear again, I may put my site up for sale. As for you, OPEN THOSE BOXES AND EMPTY THEM ONTO YOUR BLOG.

Marcia Gruver said...

Aw, thanks girls. I'm encouraged.

Jess said...

Marcia! Janelle! You girls quit complaining. You two have a lot to say. God's not going to wipe out a hard drive just to keep you from blogging. LOL He's probably wondering why you're dragging your feet when He's given you so many wonderful and exciting experiences.

Okay, are you all thinking about your next entry? I'm waaaaiting... heh heh heh

Lisa said...

I agree, Jess. Get blogging girls. Your blog does something a website just can't do, it makes your personality SHINE! I love reading all y'alls posts, so get busy!

Sirha said...

I agree with everyone here, you have a gift and you should share it always! And I like the knick knacks ;)

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